Meet the Team

Marco Champion, CEO

Marco Champion is the founder and CEO of Champion Social. As a serial entrepreneur and influencer, Marco provides expert advice on the topics of personal branding, new age marketing strategies, creative innovation, and applying spirituality in business. Possessing the ability to adapt and thrive in the current fast paced economy, Marco insists that real success is found in the inner fulfillment of one’s purpose and mission on earth.

Kim Champion, COO

Kim Champion is a partner and COO of Champion Social overseeing the day to day operations from initial client onboarding to completion. Kim is a word nerd at heart as she loves to write Forbes articles for various Forbes Council Members. She is also focused on helping leaders adopt sustainable practices in their businesses.

Patrick Schnieder, Lead Cinematographer

Patrick Schnieder has over 5 years of experience in professional film and photography, working with an extensive list of influencers and with other creators as he hires on new filmers/Cinematographers to join our network. Patrick is also the CEO of Legendary Media LLC which focuses on high quality video production.

Maryanne Rose, Head Project Manager

Maryanne helps our members get the most out of their project development and has a strong passion for building successful social media accounts. Her approach for caption writing is unparalleled and she has strong values of supporting influential leaders to build their online presence. She has been avid on social media since she was in middle school and now, her personal brand is a source for inspiration and influence across marketing, fashion, business, health, and travel. Maryanne knows how to build successful online brands as she implements these same strategies to build her own success with building several online businesses.

Jesse Navarro, Lead Audio Engineer

Jesse Navarro is talented as an audio engineer and creative director. Jesse is an expert at recording, mixing, and mastering music. Combining his unique skill in music production and creative flair for personal branded content, Jesse has been the brains behind some of our most legendary content designs and editing styles. When he is not practicing the art of content creation, you can find Jesse at The Mix Room in Los Angeles creating music with the most talented recording artist of our time.

Milan Galloway, Head Creative Director

Milan Galloway graduated with an associates degree in Cinematography from The Los Angeles Film School in 2020 and now is helping legends build the most memorable brands on social media. Milan is an expert creative director as she offers great insight on content aesthetic, messaging, composition, and visual storytelling. Milan prides herself in being able to bring every member’s unique creative inspiration into reality.

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